Many Pennsylvanians face chronic unemployment, welfare dependency, and the cycle of poverty. This happens because labor incentives have been overridden by bad policies that keep millions out of the workforce and enact excessive red tape. We can reverse this trend by ending the practice of waiving work requirements on able-bodied Pennsylvanians with no dependents, removing barriers to employment for those seeking a fresh start, and creating a healthcare system without burdensome regulations.


Privatization of Welfare Administration

  • Nathan Benefield
  • December 13, 2005

An interesting study of how Texas is contracting out many technical aspects of their public assistance offices and streamlining the application process: NCPA Brief Analysis #539, A New Frontier…


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Health Care

Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs)

  • June 21, 2005

Governor Ed Rendell has proposed a Medicaid “Preferred Drug List” (PDL) as a means to address Pennsylvania’s welfare spending problem. PDLs limit the availability of drugs to Medicaid recipients and…

Fact Sheet

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“From Poverty to Self-Sufficiency”

  • Matthew Brouillette
  • February 8, 2005

Matt Brouillette talked about true charity care for our poor at the Community Action Association of Pennsylvania's annual convention in Harrisburg.


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Health Care

Diagnosis Litigation

  • Matthew Brouillette
  • February 1, 2004

Despite a number of obstacles limiting access to affordable insurance, America’s healthcare system remains the envy of the world. But as the current medical malpractice insurance epidemic raging across the…


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