Latest News: The governor allowed a $31.63 billion spending plan became law on July 11th without a revenue package to pay for it. Legislators delivered a revenue plan with $650 million tax hikes on July 13th. Still the budget remains unbalanced because it relies on revenue from a gambling tax that has not passed. The Pennsylvania Constitution requires a balanced budget, not a promise to balance it with tax hikes in the future.

Instead of balancing the budget with tax hikes, lawmakers should revise spending levels to eliminate wasteful spending like hundreds of millions on corporate welfare.



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Pittsburgh-Area Family Punished for Choosing Charter School

August 29

Fauna Shaffer Butera, mother of two young boys just miles to the northwest of Pittsburgh, opted to enroll her sons in Young Scholars Charter School. She was shocked to learn of the transportation option afforded by her school district of residence. Northgate School District offered Fauna bus passes ...