Taxes & Spending

To ensure a prosperous state, we must restrain the growth of state spending, restore government to its proper role, and identify ways to keep more money in the hands of taxpayers. Key topics include: State Budget, Public Employee Pensions and Benefits, Government Debt, Transportation, and Criminal Justice. More topics here.

Jobs & Economy

Jobs & the Economy examines the condition of Pennsylvania’s economy relative to other states and countries, the burdens on job creators, and the barriers to economic freedom and prosperity. Key topics include: Health Care, Welfare, Regulation, and State Rankings. More topics here.


CF’s work in education focuses on promoting opportunity and improving children’s lives though incentive-based reforms. Key topics include: Education Spending, School Choice, Cyber Schools, and Teacher Unions. More topics here.

Energy & Environment

Energy & the Environment focuses on balancing environmental and economic concerns, ensuring a level playing field, and preserving Pennsylvania’s role as an energy leader. Key topics include: Natural Gas and Energy Policy. More topics here.

Unions & Labor Policy

CF’s labor policy work centers on protecting workers' rights by ending the special privileges and coercive power government grants to unions.  Key topics include: Union Dues & PoliticsPrevailing Wage and Unemployment Compensation. More topics here.

Accountable Government

Accountable Government revolves around the need to provide transparent government to taxpayers and voters. Key topics include: Term LimitsInitiative & Referendum, and Campaign Finance. More topics here.


In well-structured privatization initiatives, the government and taxpayers gain accountability, cost savings, higher quality services, and greater innovation. Key topics include: Liquor Store Privatization, Turnpike, and Public Private Partnerships. More topics here.

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Who are We?

The Commonwealth Foundation is Pennsylvania's free-market think tank.  The Commonwealth Foundation crafts free-market policies, convinces Pennsylvanians of their benefits, and counters attacks on liberty.