Priya Abraham

Priya Abraham is a Senior Fellow for the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives.

Priya has a master of arts in International Commerce and Policy from George Mason University and graduated magna cum laude in 2002 with a degree in journalism from Texas Christian University. Previously, Priya was an international affairs journalist for WORLD Magazine and communications director for the Institute on Religion and Public Policy.

Priya's primary research areas include education reform and labor policy. Her expertise has been featured in various outlets including: KDKA, WITF, WHYY, the Patriot News, and the Philadelphia Inquirer, amongst others.

A native of Zambia, Africa, Priya has lived, worked and traveled across the United States (though still admits to a strong fondness for soccer).  She is deeply passionate about America's founding principles, crafting sound public policy to better people's lives, and ballroom dance.

Recent Research

Transforming Labor

A Comprehensive, Nationwide Comparison and Grading of Public Sector Labor Laws

NOVEMBER 13, 2016 | Policy Report by PRIYA ABRAHAM

Bringing Democracy to Pennsylvania Labor Unions

JANUARY 19, 2016 | Policy Brief by PRIYA ABRAHAM

Opening the Curtain on Government Unions

JUNE 9, 2015 | Policy Brief by PRIYA ABRAHAM

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