Jeff Coleman

Senior Fellow

The Honorable Jeff Coleman was a Senior Fellow with the Commonwealth Foundation.

Jeff is the principal of Churchill Strategies, a Harrisburg-based communications firm known for innovative and highly successful policy and communications campaigns, and a former member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  He was elected to the House in 2000 at the age of 25, defeating a longtime incumbent.  He served there for four years, developing a reputation as one of Harrisburg's leading advocates for free-market policies.  Previously, he was a member of Apollo Borough Council.

The son of Presbyterian missionary parents, Jeff spent many of his formative years in places like Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.  But it was observing the 1986 “People Power Revolution in Manila, the overthrow of the Philippines' 20 year dictator, that Jeff credits with awakening a lifelong passion for public service.

Jeff is a graduate of Liberty University.  He lives in the Harrisburg area with his wife and their four children.