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Lessons from Fracking's Borderlines

New Yorkers shouldn’t have to eye secession to tap the riches beneath their feet. Pennsylvanians shouldn’t have to worry that taxes and regulations will drive away opportunity and raise energy prices. Both states should remind the nation that prosperity is always vulnerable to the heavy hand of government.

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Pennsylvania State Budget

Will Lawmakers Renege on 'No Broad-Based Taxes' Pledge?

As lawmakers scramble to find revenue to fund the $1.6 billion spending increase they passed last week, a broad-based tax increase, once deemed “off the table,” is in play.

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Governor Wolf's Natural Gas Tax Proposal

Governor Wolf continues to press for a natural gas severance tax despite ongoing layoffs and potential bankruptcies in the natural gas industry.

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Recent Blog Posts

Gov. Wolf's Unfair Demands Will Hinder the Economy

The Wolf administration is once again attempting to stymie the natural gas drilling industry by proposing triple-digit-percentage increases in fees for authorizing well development.

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Spending Trends & Policy Developments Under Gov. Wolf

In the last four years Pennsylvania has experienced rapid state spending growth. On the plus side, constant tax hike proposals have been largely rejected and policies like pension reform, school choice expansion and union reforms are moving forward.

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Wolf's Severance Tax Among the Highest in the Nation

Under Governor Wolf's latest proposal, Pennsylvania, with all of its business climate challenges, would also levy one of the highest severance taxes in the nation. Higher than both Louisiana and Texas's effective rates.

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