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80 Ideas for Pennsylvania

80 Ideas for a Prosperous Pennsylvania

A Blueprint for Transforming the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania must undergo a rapid transformation to reverse the poor policy decisions that have eroded economic freedoms and brought the state to its present condition. To provide a roadmap for success in this critical endeavor, the Commonwealth Foundation has compiled a list of 80 policy recommendations for Gov. Corbett and state legislators to help lead a Pennsylvania comeback. Each of these recommendations links to Commonwealth Foundation research with more information on each issue.

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Solar Subsidies Sink State

Gov., Legislature Should Repeal Costly Renewables Mandates

A lot can be spun from the results of the Nov. 2 elections, but one fact is uncontrovertible: Pennsylvanians are sick of centrally planned, highly regulated, gimmick-driven economic policy. It hasn't worked, and now they want results.

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Never Enough Green for Renewable Energy

According to Pennsylvania's Public Utilities Commission, the annual cost of ownership for solar energy per kilowatt-hour is over 700% more than the cost of coal, and wind energy is almost 23% more expensive than coal. Meanwhile, state government provides more than $20 million annually for grants to alternative energy projects, and in 2008, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, a Democrat, signed into law another mandate for an additional $650 million to be given to "green" schemes. Try paying those hig

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Dueling Energy Subsidies are Equally Bad

Shortly after Pennsylvania lawmakers suggested subsidies for nuclear power plants, the federal government launched a new effort to subsidize not only nuclear power but other forms of energy as well.

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Save Nuclear Jobs with Less Government, Not Corporate Welfare

Low-cost natural gas has reduced the price of electricity to levels below which many Pennsylvania nuclear plants can compete. Lawmakers concerned about nuclear energy jobs should consider regulatory reforms and elimination of alternative energy mandates.

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Coal and Nuclear Subsidies Rejected, Time to End All Energy Subsidies

This month, FERC rejected Sec. Perry’s proposal to subsidize coal and nuclear energy. These energy sources are struggling to compete against green energy subsidies – at the risk of a secure energy system.

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