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80 Ideas for Pennsylvania

80 Ideas for a Prosperous Pennsylvania

A Blueprint for Transforming the Commonwealth

Pennsylvania must undergo a rapid transformation to reverse the poor policy decisions that have eroded economic freedoms and brought the state to its present condition. To provide a roadmap for success in this critical endeavor, the Commonwealth Foundation has compiled a list of 80 policy recommendations for Gov. Corbett and state legislators to help lead a Pennsylvania comeback. Each of these recommendations links to Commonwealth Foundation research with more information on each issue.

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Solar Subsidies Sink State

Gov., Legislature Should Repeal Costly Renewables Mandates

A lot can be spun from the results of the Nov. 2 elections, but one fact is uncontrovertible: Pennsylvanians are sick of centrally planned, highly regulated, gimmick-driven economic policy. It hasn't worked, and now they want results.

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Never Enough Green for Renewable Energy

According to Pennsylvania's Public Utilities Commission, the annual cost of ownership for solar energy per kilowatt-hour is over 700% more than the cost of coal, and wind energy is almost 23% more expensive than coal. Meanwhile, state government provides more than $20 million annually for grants to alternative energy projects, and in 2008, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, a Democrat, signed into law another mandate for an additional $650 million to be given to "green" schemes. Try paying those hig

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5 Facts on the Proposed Nuclear Power Bailout

Should Pennsylvanians pay more for electricity to benefit nuclear power companies?

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Why There's "Money in Politics"

Many good-governance groups complain about the amount of “money in politics”. But when politicians have the power to pick winners and losers, money in politics will naturally follow. 

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Santa and the Grinch Visit PA's Energy Sector

In our last 2017-18 recap blog we look at the renewed investments in Pennsylvania's energy sector and the many challenges imposed by government on their future growth.

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