Recent Issues

Embracing Innovation in State Government

Conventional governing is hampering Pennsylvania’s progress. Growing state budgets combined with one-time revenue transfers and targeted tax hikes are delaying the structural reforms essential to improving the quality of life for people who live and work in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania State Budget

Pennsylvania State Budget 2013

Governor Corbett's proposed budget of $28.4 billion in general fund spending and $67.6 billion in spending from all funds represents our highest spending levels ever—exceeding years when federal stimulus dollars inflated total spending. This budget, however, still reflects a reduction from 2010-11 spending levels when adjusting for inflation.

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Pennsylvania Transportation Spending

Principles for Transportation Funding

Pennsylvania's roads and bridges need repair. But before taking one more dollar from working men and women through higher prices at the gas pump, lawmakers must work to ensure every cent of the billions of dollars in taxes and fees we currently spend are used efficiently.

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Recent Blog Posts

Pennsylvania Turnpike Blues

A sudden drop in traffic has exposed the toll road's reckless debt load.

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The Road to Better Infrastructure

Anyone who has ever driven on Pennsylvania’s roads knows this state is filled with structurally deficient bridges—3,770 to be exact—and that the skill of artfully swerving around potholes is essential to not destroying your car. 

And anyone who has ever lived in Pennsylvania knows that for every mile of crumbling infrastructure, there’s an equal amount of political argument over how to address it.

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Bad Investments Won't Restore PA

Governor Wolf’s Restore PA plan utilizes a natural gas severance tax and borrowing to fund infrastructure improvements. There’s a better way to improve our infrastructure.

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