Taxpayer Funded Lobbying

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Answering the Critics on Paycheck Protection

Under current law and contracts, it’s permissible for a school district’s personnel office to act as the collection agent for Political Action Committee contributions and membership dues on behalf of a government union. Taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to collect union campaign contributions and political money. Paycheck protection laws can put an end to this system by preventing the use of taxpayer resources for politics. Here are eight misleading claims about paycheck protection

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Government Unions' Unfair Political Privilege

Taxpayer resources should not be used for any political purposes. Every citizen and every organization—including government unions—should have an equal opportunity to engage in policy debates through a level playing field for all, and favor for none. Ending the government unions’ special privilege of taxpayer-funded "automatic collection" of dues and political action committee (PAC) money is a matter of fairness.

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Labor Day is for Taxpayers, Not Unions

Comprising the government employee unions, private sector unions, trial lawyers, extreme greens, and other nonprofits that feed off taxpayer money, the Union Party is aligned for a single purpose: To use the American political system to extract the greatest amount of income and wealth as possible for the benefit of but a few.

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Recent Blog Posts

Union Advantages Yield Undue Influence

Union advantages, not lobbying by the natural gas industry, are the real problem in Pa. And paycheck protection is the solution.

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Teachers' Union Deceives on Dues Donations

It’s time union leaders come clean about using their members' hard earned dues dollars to fund political activity.

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Government Unions' Political Spending Dwarfs Natural Gas

Just a handful of the largest state government unions spent nearly 4 times what Marcellus Shale drillers did on campaign expenditures. 

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