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Policy Memo: Pension Reform in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania’s $71 billion unfunded pension liability is unsustainable for taxpayers and puts public employees at risk. Without timely reform, pension payments will crowd out funding for other services, property taxes will rise, and teachers may be laid off.

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A Christmas Wish List for Pennsylvania

“No more lives torn apart, and wars would never start, and time would heal all hearts.” You might recognize those words from the ubiquitous-around-the-holidays song, “Grown-Up Christmas List.” Grown up? Sure. Likely to happen? Not on this planet. Here is a Christmas wish list that can come true and would make Pennsylvania a place where everyone can thrive.

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Union Leaders Kill Critical Pension Reform at Members’ and Taxpayers’ Expense

In a blow to the public employees they claim to represent, government union leaders blocked significant pension reform that would have enhanced choice and portability for new state and public school employees and slowed the accumulation of taxpayer-backed pension debt.

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Recent Blog Posts

Tale of Two Workers

The rhetoric surrounding public service and actual compensation for public service are two different stories. Average total compensation (salary and benefits) for a Pennsylvania state employee is now $104,506. That’s up almost $2,000 from the prior year. 

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Pension Pacman Must Be Stopped

Taxpayer payments to the teachers' pension fund continue to rise with no clear limit.

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Economic Freedom and Flourishing in Pennsylvania

We live in a free country, but when it comes to our economy, Pennsylvanians aren’t free.

Licensing. Fees. Government monopolies. Taxes of every kind. Economic freedom isn’t just something economists quibble about; it has tangible impacts for Pennsylvanians.

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