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State Budget Solution #5: Tackle the Shadow Budget

General Fund Budget Is Just 40 Percent of State Government’s True Cost February 3, 2017, Harrisburg, Pa.—With budget season launching, most public discussion will focus on the General Fund budget, which was $31.6 billion last year. But this was just 40 percent of state government’s $78 billion cost. Hidden in the remaining 60 percent—essentially a “shadow budget”—are more than 150 “special funds” whose costs are largely unknown to the publ

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State Budget Solution #4: Cut Corporate Welfare

Pa. Leads Nation in Wasteful Corporate Subsidies at $6 Billion Since 2007 This year state government will transfer more than $800 million from Pennsylvanians to billion-dollar corporations like Amazon, Netflix, and Kraft under the guise of “economic development.” These corporate handouts benefit special interests and their well-connected lobbyists, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.

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State Budget Solution #3: Student-Focused Education Funding

As lawmakers and Gov. Wolf seek to restructure state government this budget season, they should commit to refocusing education spending to provide the greatest opportunity to Pennsylvania students.

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Getting Real About Education Spending

Despite strident opposition from the teachers' unions, most Democrat lawmakers, and Governor Wolf, lawmakers who support education choice secured a big victory in the newly enacted budget: a $30 million increase in tax credit scholarships.

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This Year's Budget Continues Past Trends

The 2019–2020 budget spending bill is on the governor’s desk and lawmakers are claiming it represents an increase of only 1.8 percent over last year. If this were true, it would be a refreshing change from the status quo, but when you sift through the spin you find state spending continues to grow faster than the economy.

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Budget Spares Taxpayers, Boosts School Choice, but Leaves Much Undone

Today, lawmakers put the finishing touches on a state budget that spares Pennsylvanians from tax hikes, grows the state’s beleaguered Rainy Day Fund, and boosts school choice—but also overspends and leaves crucial reforms undone. 

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