Recent Issues

Embracing Innovation in State Government

Conventional governing is hampering Pennsylvania’s progress. Growing state budgets combined with one-time revenue transfers and targeted tax hikes are delaying the structural reforms essential to improving the quality of life for people who live and work in Pennsylvania.

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Keystone Criminal Justice Reform

As lifelong conservatives, we’re proud to call ourselves tough on crime and to support lengthy prison terms for dangerous felons. But after a long, taxpayer-funded era of mass incarceration, it’s time we face some hard facts: Our bloated, hugely expensive criminal-justice system has produced disappointing results.

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My Journey to Commonwealth Foundation's Board

How did a registered Democrat and the daughter of former Democratic Governor George Leader find a place on Commonwealth Foundation’s Board?

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Recent Blog Posts

Corrections Reform for Safer Communities

Last week, the Pennsylvania Senate prioritized smart criminal justice reform by unanimously passing the three-bill Justice Reinvestment Initiative II. Here's how it will make our communities safer.

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Up, Up, and Away: Snapshots from Wolf's Budget

It’s time to stop using one-time revenue sources and accounting tricks to make the budget appear to be balanced. With robust revenue growth and an appetite for tax and spending reforms, lawmakers can pass a truly balanced, no-tax hike budget that protects against future economic downturns.

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Should Pa. Wreck Lives Over a Technicality?

Pennsylvania's correctional system has a "revolving door" problem. Probation reform can address this issue, making our state safer and our system fairer.

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