Recent Issues

Embracing Innovation in State Government

Conventional governing is hampering Pennsylvania’s progress. Growing state budgets combined with one-time revenue transfers and targeted tax hikes are delaying the structural reforms essential to improving the quality of life for people who live and work in Pennsylvania.

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Keystone Criminal Justice Reform

As lifelong conservatives, we’re proud to call ourselves tough on crime and to support lengthy prison terms for dangerous felons. But after a long, taxpayer-funded era of mass incarceration, it’s time we face some hard facts: Our bloated, hugely expensive criminal-justice system has produced disappointing results.

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My Journey to Commonwealth Foundation's Board

How did a registered Democrat and the daughter of former Democratic Governor George Leader find a place on Commonwealth Foundation’s Board?

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Recent Blog Posts

School Choice on Behalf of Pa.'s Poorest Should Be a Bipartisan Issue

School choice should be bipartisan for the same reason as criminal justice reform: it restores fairness and opportunity to Pennsylvania families—especially the poor, minorities, and those living in the inner city. Democrats campaign as their champions—so why do they let special interests get in the way?

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Does Justice Reinvestment Work?

The Justice Reinvestment Initiative will make crucial investments in Pennsylvania's criminal justice system system, but as history shows, commitment from lawmakers will determine the scope of success.

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Corrections Reform for Safer Communities

Last week, the Pennsylvania Senate prioritized smart criminal justice reform by unanimously passing the three-bill Justice Reinvestment Initiative II. Here's how it will make our communities safer.

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