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Don't Wait on Washington for Manufacturing Jobs

During his campaign stops in Pennsylvania, President-elect Donald Trump touted his intention to bring manufacturing jobs back to the state. That’s a worthy goal, but the truth is the Keystone State doesn’t need to wait for a president of either party to start revitalizing its manufacturing sector.

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Pennsylvania Deficit Watch

New IFO Report Emphasizes Need to Reform Spending

Yesterday’s Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) mid-year report warned Pennsylvania could face a $900 million budget shortfall this year alone. By 2022, this deficit could reach $3 billion per year.

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'Spend-first, Tax-later' is Flawed Budgeting

As it stands, this budget leaves families trapped in a game of tax roulette—praying their taxes don’t go up this year. Next year, let’s hope taxpayers don’t have to choose between an on-time budget and a good budget.

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Recent Blog Posts

The Race to Rebuild: How Pa. Can Bounce Back After COVID-19

Pennsylvanians are facing some of the biggest challenges of their lifetimes. It is time for lawmakers to launch a race to rebuild Pennsylvania using the following policy solutions.

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Competition, Not Corporate Welfare: 3 Ways to Help All Businesses Flourish

To effectively promote economic growth and job creation, policymakers need to stop investing tax dollars in failed programs and start enacting policies that benefit a wide range of job creators. By implementing these changes, Pennsylvania can give all businesses a needed hand up. 

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Pa. Can Energize Its Energy Sector by Cutting Red Tape--Not with Industry Subsidies

This week the state legislature passed House Bill 732. The bill—designed to exempt volunteer service providers from a 1 percent realty transfer tax— now offers tax credits to the natural gas industry. The language for the tax credits was pulled from HB 1100, which attempts to boost the natural gas industry through government incentives. Combined, this unlikely pairing turns a somewhat harmless tax change into a mixed bag of government favoritism and corporate welfare.  

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