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Ghosts in the Education Machine

If Pennsylvania students miss three days of school without an excuse, the law says they must be reported. But across the commonwealth, certain teachers have been absent for years—without consequences

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Trapped: 5 Ways Union Contracts Trample Teachers’ Rights

As students across Pennsylvania head back to school, government unions that are supposed to speak for teachers are instead trampling their rights in order to advance the union leaders’ agenda. A review of labor contracts in Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts shows five ways these collective bargaining agreements trap teachers—and cost taxpayers:

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DNC in Philly: Top 5 Ways Big-Government Policies Are Killing the Host City

As all eyes turn to Philadelphia next week for the Democratic National Convention, just steps from the Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphians are suffering from high taxes, union-controlled public schools, and a government-run liquor monopoly.

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Op-Ed: With Classes Canceled for Weeks, Schools Must Embrace Innovation

Now is the time for the Philadelphia School District to embrace innovation, creativity, and critical thinking.

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Government Unions Threaten to Eclipse School Choice

Governor Tom Wolf and other elected officials are pulling in millions of dollars from government unions that oppose school choice and exert considerable influence at the expense of education reform. 

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Pension Pacman Must Be Stopped

Taxpayer payments to the teachers' pension fund continue to rise with no clear limit.

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