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Charter Reform: Get it Right

Over the next nine months, many students will have their lives transformed for the better. But for thousands of other children, this time of year is defined by disappointment. They are trapped in schools that don’t meet their needs—effectively held hostage by a system that limits choice and opportunity.

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Obama, Wolf at Odds over Charter Schools

President Obama last week proclaimed May 1-7 “National Charter Schools Week,” praising charters for their “innovation” and calling on “[s]tates and communities to support high-quality public schools, including charter schools.” Yet, even as thousands of Pennsylvania students sit on charter waitlists, Gov. Wolf has taken every opportunity to undercut the state’s charters.

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For Latinos, Education is Key to Success

For the Hispanic community, education is the key to making the American Dream a reality. Yet far too many Latinos remain victims of their ZIP code and socio-economic status when it comes to quality schooling.

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Recent Blog Posts

How to Enroll in Cyber School

Parents, if you’re anything like our family, you’re probably considering certain education options for your kids for the first time. As schools across the state work to develop remote continuity of education plans, Pennsylvania’s 15 cyber charter schools are largely instructing as usual.

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Fast Lies and Slow Truths

All students—regardless of school type—deserve a student-based funding system. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, only 14% of the $1.2 billion Special Education appropriation is distributed based on categories of support for students with disabilities. 

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Every Child Is Unique – That's Why School Choice is Common Sense

No single school can meet the needs of every child who happens to live within a certain radius. No one thinks the government should assign people to a grocery store, hospital, college, or pre-school. Somehow, when it comes to K-12 education, common sense seems to fly out the window.

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