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Open Floodgates of School Choice in Philadelphia

How can we expect any single school - public, private, or home school—to adequately serve the unique needs of every student who passes through its doors? We can't—and we don't have to—provided we open the floodgates of choice for Philadelphia's schoolchildren.

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For Latinos, Education is Key to Success

For the Hispanic community, education is the key to making the American Dream a reality. Yet far too many Latinos remain victims of their ZIP code and socio-economic status when it comes to quality schooling.

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Education Spending & Academic Achievement

Increased education spending has not led to improved academic performance. This is reflected in SAT scores and NAEP results, as well numerous studies at the state, national, and international level. To improve academic performance, policymakers should pursue a student-based funding formula, mandate relief, and expanded school choice.

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Recent Blog Posts

Guest Post: Educational Freedom in Harrisburg

Tax credit scholarships gave Rian Slade-Bowers a chance at a better life. Now a sophomore at Penn State Altoona, he plans to pursue a Master’s Degree and perfect his Mandarin language skills for a career in Business Consulting.

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Future Ready Index: A Tool That Can't Be Used

The Future Ready Index is only valuable if parents can actually use the information. Comparing schools isn’t enough. We need to empower parents to choose the education that best fits their kids.

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Penn Hills: A (Tragic) Love Story

After years of financial mismanagement and misplaced priorities, one community is facing an avoidable and crippling hardship.

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