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State Budget Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

As Governor Wolf and legislative leaders seek to redesign state government, ending Prohibition-era liquor laws should be without argument. Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

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Embracing Innovation in State Government

Conventional governing is hampering Pennsylvania’s progress. Growing state budgets combined with one-time revenue transfers and targeted tax hikes are delaying the structural reforms essential to improving the quality of life for people who live and work in Pennsylvania.

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Wolf’s Wine Signature a First Step Toward Privatization

Gov. Wolf’s anticipated signature today on HB 1690, which allows wine sales in select grocery stores, is a first step toward much-needed liquor privatization, but more must be done.

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Recent Blog Posts

Liquor Privatization: Time to Push Again

Despite some marginal reforms, Pennsylvania’s liquor control regime remains inconvenient, expensive, and not very profitable.

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College Kids Don't Need Incentive to Learn About Beer

Anyone hoping to enjoy a cold drink from their favorite brewery this summer should prepare to spend a little more.

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Death, Taxes, and Toll Hikes

On January 6th, the Pa. Turnpike will raise tolls by another 6 percent, forcing Turnpike drivers to pay even more towards mass transit systems they may never use. That's why we have long encouraged lawmakers to look to the private sector to manage costs.

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