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State Budget Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

As Governor Wolf and legislative leaders seek to redesign state government, ending Prohibition-era liquor laws should be without argument. Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

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Wolf’s Wine Signature a First Step Toward Privatization

Gov. Wolf’s anticipated signature today on HB 1690, which allows wine sales in select grocery stores, is a first step toward much-needed liquor privatization, but more must be done.

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Wine Expansion Improves Convenience But Falls Short of Privatization

Today, the state House passed legislation allowing select grocery stores (those with a restaurant license) to sell wine in Pennsylvania. The bill, which now heads to Gov. Wolf’s desk, is a step in the right direction but leaves undone critical elements of true privatization.

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Recent Blog Posts

Mimosa Monopoly

Pennsylvania is waging a secret war on millennials. Okay, maybe not on millennials, but definitely on brunch, and that’s pretty much the same thing.

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The Liquor Control Board is a Jobs Program, Not a Business

The Liquor Control Board's labor costs keep prices high and earnings low.

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The Broken Promise of Flexible Liquor Pricing

The Liquor Control Board told the public it would use its expanded pricing powers for consumer benefit.  Instead it has used them to benefit only itself.

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