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State Budget Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

As Governor Wolf and legislative leaders seek to redesign state government, ending Prohibition-era liquor laws should be without argument. Solution #2: Liquor Privatization

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Wolf’s Wine Signature a First Step Toward Privatization

Gov. Wolf’s anticipated signature today on HB 1690, which allows wine sales in select grocery stores, is a first step toward much-needed liquor privatization, but more must be done.

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Wine Expansion Improves Convenience But Falls Short of Privatization

Today, the state House passed legislation allowing select grocery stores (those with a restaurant license) to sell wine in Pennsylvania. The bill, which now heads to Gov. Wolf’s desk, is a step in the right direction but leaves undone critical elements of true privatization.

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Recent Blog Posts

Wine Distributors Sue the Liquor Control Board

The PLCB ignored the law for years by refusing to permit direct delivery.  A judge may finally force them.

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Top 10 Pa. Liquor Control Board Boondoggles

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has survived debacle after debacle. The closures around COVID-19 are just the most recent example of the PLCB's incompetence. Here are the top 10 PLCB boondoggles from the last 15 years.

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PLCB is Bad for Business

The PLCB harms Pa. businesses in an industry that has been decimated by COVID-19.

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