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Political Spending by Government Unions During the 2014 Election

The evidence is overwhelming: Unions use members' dues and taxpayer resources to push their political agenda. By passing paycheck protection, Pennsylvania can move toward leveling the political playing field, making Pennsylvania fairer for all those engaged in the political process.

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Millions Spent on Election at Taxpayers’ and Union Members’ Expense

November 19, 2014, HARRISBURG, Pa.—Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fire your own boss, choose his replacement, and force the people paying your salary to help make it happen? That’s the deal that government unions were able to swing this November by pumping more than $7 million directly to political candidates across Pennsylvania—including $2.7 million given to Governor-elect Tom Wolf—and at least $1.6 million in election-related TV ads, all collected by taxpayers.

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Government Unions Threaten to Eclipse School Choice

Governor Tom Wolf and other elected officials are pulling in millions of dollars from government unions that oppose school choice and exert considerable influence at the expense of education reform. 

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Union Dues Fuel Political Activism, Records Show

Considering government unions draw heavily from their dues to fund political activism, public school teachers who prefer not to fund this political activism of their state and national unions should have the option to join independent, unaffiliated local unions.

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Union Donations to Gov. Wolf Drown Out School Choice

Parents who support school choice initiatives should know that the teachers unions continue to excercise an oversized influence over Governor Wolf. That much is made clear by the donations the unions have made in just the most recent election cycles. 

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