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Paycheck Protection Toolkit

Currently, state and local governments, including school districts, use taxpayer-funded payroll systems and public employee time to collect union campaign contributions as well as union membership dues, a portion of which is used for political activity. Government unions spend dues money on a variety of political activities, including get-out-the-vote drives, election mailers in support of candidates, lobbying of legislators, TV and radio ads, and fundraising for political action committees.

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Pa. Gets a 'D' in First Ever 50-State Public Sector Labor Analysis

Pennsylvania is one of 22 states ranking an abysmal “D” or “F” for the negative impact of their public sector labor laws on taxpayers and government workers, according to a first-of-its-kind 50-state public sector labor report produced by the Commonwealth Foundation. Thirteen states fared little better with a “C,” and just seven earned an “A+.”

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Government Unions Pour Millions into Pa. Elections

Government union leaders have poured nearly $8 million into Pennsylvania races, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

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supreme court

Op-Ed: Pennsylvania Unions Ignore SCOTUS Ruling, Keep Forcing Teachers To Pay Dues

Until recently, those rights had been subjugated to the commonwealth’s labor laws, which allow unions to charge nonmembers “fair share fees” as a condition of their employment.

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Worker Freedom in the States

Unprecedented labor issue activity has followed the 2018 Janus v. AFSCME ruling. Read our summary here.

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The Janus Impact and Grading of State Public Sector Labor Laws

In the Janus aftermath, pro-union forces make legislative headway counteracting the court decision, while workers push back in the courts. This report details the trends, and grades each state according to their labor laws' impact on taxpayers and individual workers.

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