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State Government is Killing My Business

In 2013, I opened my first business. I’d overcome many challenges and assumed some gut-wrenching risks to get there, but I did it—and I was proud. But less than three years later, my business—my dream—is on the brink of shutting down because state government is taxing it to death.

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Pennsylvania tobacco tax

Pennsylvania Budget Facts 2010: Tobacco Taxes

Gov. Rendell proposed a tax of 30% on the retail price of cigars and smokeless tobacco products, in hopes of collecting $42 million in the upcoming fiscal year.

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Pennsylvania State Budget Facts

Budget Facts 2009: Cigarette Taxes

Pennsylvania faces a $3 billion tax revenue shortfall in the state’s General Fund Budget. Competing proposals from Gov. Ed Rendell and the Republican-led Senate differ on raising taxes and reducing/reprioritizing spending. This is the sixth in a series of fact sheets on the state budget.

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Recent Blog Posts

Cigarette Taxes Target the Poor

There are two primary motivations behind sin taxes, revenue and ending unhealthy behaviors. However, in the long term neither of these goals is fully accomplished by sin taxes—especially cigarette taxes.

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Phila. Cigarette Tax Levied on Non-Philadelphia, Non-Smokers

A tax promised to fall on cigarette smokers from Philadelphia will effectively be levied on non-smokers from outside of the city. And as for the state budget shortfall? It may have just grown by $8.4 million.

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Fighting for Survival

Yesterday was an emotional day for many. Hundreds of people from Pennsylvania’s vaping community traveled to Harrisburg to save their livelihoods and their way of life.

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