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Don't Wait on Washington for Manufacturing Jobs

During his campaign stops in Pennsylvania, President-elect Donald Trump touted his intention to bring manufacturing jobs back to the state. That’s a worthy goal, but the truth is the Keystone State doesn’t need to wait for a president of either party to start revitalizing its manufacturing sector.

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Tax Sends Vape Shops Up in Smoke

Imagine you find a way to help others live healthier lives, and this passion leads you to invest your savings to start a related small business. Now, imagine state government taking it all away from you with the stroke of a pen.

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State Government is Killing My Business

In 2013, I opened my first business. I’d overcome many challenges and assumed some gut-wrenching risks to get there, but I did it—and I was proud. But less than three years later, my business—my dream—is on the brink of shutting down because state government is taxing it to death.

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Recent Blog Posts

5 Ways Lawmakers can Avert a COVID-19 Lawsuit Frenzy

The economy is reopening, but the threat of lawsuits from COIVD-19 exposure is just beginning.

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CF Amicus Brief Calls out Wolf for Overstepping his Authority

The Commonwealth Foundation on June 23, 2020 filed an amicus brief or "friend of the court" brief on behalf of state senate leaders. It argues the Governor must follow the legislature’s concurrent resolution to end the declaration of emergency..

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Occupational Licensing Reform Passes Unanimously, Goes to Wolf

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have come to recognize the inherent unfairness of occupational licensing regulations.

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