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Don't Wait on Washington for Manufacturing Jobs

During his campaign stops in Pennsylvania, President-elect Donald Trump touted his intention to bring manufacturing jobs back to the state. That’s a worthy goal, but the truth is the Keystone State doesn’t need to wait for a president of either party to start revitalizing its manufacturing sector.

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How Does Pennsylvania's Tax Burden Compare?

Pennsylvania’s tax structure should benefit all Pennsylvanians, not just some. Unfortunately, our state’s stifling tax burden harms residents. Each year, government spending grows, increasing the pressure for higher taxes. These taxes weigh heavily on the state’s economy and lead to slow job and income growth. Lower taxes are the key to a stronger economy.

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My Journey to Commonwealth Foundation's Board

How did a registered Democrat and the daughter of former Democratic Governor George Leader find a place on Commonwealth Foundation’s Board?

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Recent Blog Posts

How Pa. Can Overcome the Crisis Caused by Covid-19

It’s a thin tightrope to walkbut lawmakers must balance policies that keep Pennsylvanians safe with those that empower medical workers, protect the health care supply chain, and get the economically vulnerable back to work as soon as possible.

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Policy Recommendations to Fight COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

As Pennsylvania faces its greatest crisis in decades, it is imperative that legislators take the lead and enact key heath care, education, and budget reforms to help Pennsylvania families and small businesses.

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Top 10 Corona Virus FAQ's for Pennsylvanians

Since the Covid-19 pandemic spread to Pennsylvania, we’ve been deluged with questions about what state government is doing. Below are the top 10 questions we’ve been asked with our quick answer and links to additional resources.

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