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Pa. Brings Transparency to State Union Contracts

Gov. Tom Wolf today signed into law Senate Bill 644, a historic government transparency reform which empowers the Independent Fiscal Office to estimate government union contracts costs before the contracts are finalized.

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Will Wolf 'Walk the Walk' on 'Government That Works'?

Last month, Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled his “Government that Works” plan to reform government contracting and increase transparency. Now, the state Legislature has given Wolf a chance to back up these words with action.

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House Passes Historic Government Union Contract Transparency

Today, the state House passed SB 644 (108-83) to bring much-needed cost transparency to government union contracts—contracts Governor Wolf is negotiating behind closed doors right now.

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Recent Blog Posts

Fiscal Earmarks Reduce State Budget Transparency

The 2021–2022 Fiscal Code contains at least $5.5 billion in federal and state funds earmarked for special projects across the state, up from $120 million last year. Most of this increase is due to one-time funding through federal COVID-19 bills.

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Pa's Unemployment Rate Down in May, but Still at Near-Record Levels

While employers added 198,000 jobs to payrolls in May, more than 918,000 payroll jobs have been lost since February, or 15% of all nonfarm jobs.

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New Fed Data Shows Wolf's Shutdown Caused Unemployment Spike

Wolf's overly stringent shutdown and his unwillingness to make needed changes has caused an unemployment crisis.

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