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Political Spending by Government Unions During the 2014 Election

The evidence is overwhelming: Unions use members' dues and taxpayer resources to push their political agenda. By passing paycheck protection, Pennsylvania can move toward leveling the political playing field, making Pennsylvania fairer for all those engaged in the political process.

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The Real "Special Interest" Problem in PA

Everyone loves to hate "special interests." They spend millions of dollars in electing and lobbying public officials in order to gain political or legislative favor. So it was no surprise when groups like PennFuture and the Keystone Research Center's Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center joined with Common Cause PA and the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters to attack individuals affiliated with the natural gas industry for giving $2 million in state campaign contributions over the past

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Campaign Finance Limits Destroy Democracy

Pennsylvania's Supreme Court recently upheld Philadelphia's law limiting the amount of money that an individual can contribute to a political candidate. While advocates of campaign contribution limits cheered the decision, Pennsylvanians who cherish First Amendment speech rights should regard it as a loss. The decision resulted from a lawsuit filed before the 2007 Philadelphia mayor's primary, the first with contribution limits. The primary campaign revealed the dangers of attempts by governmen

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Recent Blog Posts

Union Donations to Gov. Wolf Drown Out School Choice

Parents who support school choice initiatives should know that the teachers unions continue to excercise an oversized influence over Governor Wolf. That much is made clear by the donations the unions have made in just the most recent election cycles. 

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How Restoring Workers' Rights Brings Fairness to All Pennsylvanians

For decades, public sector union leaders have used their unfair political advantages to block public policies that will help our state and citizens flourish. Restoring workers’ rights is critical for a fair and level playing field in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania's #1 Special Interest Problem

Keeping special interests in check begins with prohibiting conflicts of interest between government unions and elected officials and restricting—not expanding—governments’ taxing power.

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