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Public-Private Parking Prevents Tax Hikes

Facing immense fiscal and political pressures, many local governments are looking for ways to fund services without raising taxes. But officials need not curb their enthusiasm for fiscal responsibility if they simply put the brakes on being in the parking business. Pennsylvania has 41 special government parking authorities; the rest of the nation, combined, has five. Despite their abundance, few can explain exactly why Pennsylvania relies on government-run parking monopolies.

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Protect parks

Preserving Penn’s Woods Proven by Public-Private Partnerships

Earlier this month, Gov. Tom Corbett suggested the commonwealth consider leasing state park operations and services. Almost immediately and without thoughtful consideration, pundits launched political fire, claiming "privateers" would exploit or commercialize our natural resources beyond recognition.

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Privatizing "Yellow Pages" Government

This report surveys the scope of Yellow Pages Government in Pennsylvania, looks at examples of state and local privatization throughout the country, and outlines best practices to equip lawmakers to successfully transition government out of unnecessary services by implementing a variety of models.

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High Taxes, Low Job Opportunities, Failing Schools Force Philadelphians to Flee

People are fleeing Philadelphia at alarming rates for simple reasons, lack of jobs and dysfunctional schools. The good news? City leaders can end the destructive policies behind this trend.

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Philadelphia's Soda Tax Falls Flat

Philadelphia is imposing a harmful tax on the people who can least afford it to fund a program that won’t measurably impact students’ lives.

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The Fizz Tax Is on the Fritz

A new report from the Tax Foundation crystallizes the destructive impact of Philadelphia's punitive and regressive soda tax on the city's population. 

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