grow pa

“Grow PA” Offers a Higher-Ed Reform Model for the Nation

Originally published at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal

Too often, lawmakers want to fix higher education by blindly throwing money at the problem. From President Joe Biden’s plan to cancel large amounts of student-loan debt to Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro’s “Blueprint for Higher Education” (which caps in-state tuition at $1,000 per semester), spendthrift politicians have long played fast and loose with taxpayer dollars.

However, a unique education-reform plan in Pennsylvania, called “Grow PA,” stands out from the traditional tax-and-spend approach, helping the state’s taxpayer dollars work twice as hard to fund students, not institutions.

Under this proposed plan, scholarship grants would not only make college more affordable for students studying in high-demand fields but would also incentivize students to stay and work in Pennsylvania upon graduation.

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