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Krasner Isn’t Philadelphia’s Only Problem—It’s Education System Is

Originally published in The Philadelphia Citizen

Underscoring Philadelphia’s crime problem, the Pennsylvania House voted to impeach the City’s district attorney Larry Krasner. As Philadelphia’s homicide count soars to 500 for 2022 — just one metric for the explosion of violence and crime in our city — we should no doubt hold leaders accountable.

But the reality is that there are more people that share the blame than Krasner alone. Philadelphia’s crime problem today is — at least in part — explained by decades of failing our students. An inadequate education not only hurts our children’s futures but impacts their communities as well.

And we should not overlook the blame that teacher union president Jerry Jordan shares for his longtime efforts to undermine expansion of school choice opportunities in Philadelphia. Jordan and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT) have opposed every proposal to add alternative school options that are independent of our failed public school system.

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