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As the UN Falters, Can Capitalism Stop Russia?

Originally published in Newsweek

Where is the United Nations? The international behemoth’s charter mandates that it “maintain international peace and security.” Despite sucking up billions of American taxpayer dollars every year, it has achieved neither in the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine.

Meanwhile the free enterprise system, led by American businesses, has done more to rout Vladimir Putin‘s reckless power grab than the bloated and increasingly irrelevant U.N. And it has used entirely peaceful means.

As Kemal Dervis and Jose Antonio Ocampo of the Brookings Institution observed, the Russian invasion “exposed many grave weaknesses in the international order.” Dervis and Ocampo highlighted the failures of the U.N. Security Council, a point that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized when he spoke to the United Nations last week.

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