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This nixed natural-gas project shows you just how absurd Biden’s energy policy is

Originally published in the New York Post

As gas prices rise and Vladimir Putin escalates his war on Ukraine, Democrats’ political fortunes fall. That’s why President Joe Biden announced last week he’ll increase domestic production to combat what he calls “Putin’s price hike” at the pump by imposing “fees” (read taxes) on US energy companies for unproductive wells leased on public lands.

This political gamesmanship will stop neither soaring gas prices nor the Russian president, however, and may well accelerate Democrats’ death spiral heading into the midterms. Because Biden isn’t at war with Putin, he’s at war with domestic energy production — and has been since Day One of his administration, when he canceled the Keystone pipeline to bring Canadian oil to the United States.

Keystone’s fate sent a chilling message to anyone contemplating a costly infrastructure project: This administration prioritizes a radical green agenda over American energy independence.

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