Op-Ed: Wolf climate change plan will kill Pa. jobs

Originally published in The North Penn Reporter.

After Pennsylvanians endured a year of Gov. Tom Wolf’s domineering COVID-19 response they ratified landmark constitutional amendments that limit his emergency powers. But despite this resounding rebuke of Wolf’s penchant for unilateral control, the governor is just as much a “lone wolf” as ever.

In 2019, Wolf ordered the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to create regulations to push the commonwealth into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). Now, despite a lack of public support, significant pushback from the General Assembly, and with a little more than a year until the next gubernatorial election, Wolf is determined to finalize the process of entering the economy-harming accord.

Polling from this February shows that voters do not support Wolf’s plan. That’s because voters seem to understand that RGGI imposes taxes on energy generation, increasing home electricity bills.

Wolf’s controversial order also flagrantly…

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