Op-Ed: COVID-19 shows Catholic schools are a necessity

Originally published in The Hill.

For nearly a year, millions of students haven’t set foot in a classroom — an unimaginable disruption that has profoundly affected the lives of America’s youngest generation. I promise you, one day, historians will revisit our pandemic-era schooling decisions and wonder: What were they thinking? 

In the Philadelphia area, where I live, certain government-run suburban and city school districts are only beginning to reopen. Nearby Catholic schools, though, have managed to maintain in-person instruction, while reporting nearly zero COVID-19 spread

The evidence is clear: remote learning — which remains pervasive in public schools — has negatively affected children, from a sense of isolation to medical and psychological issues. And parents aren’t stupid. They want the best education for their children that can be safely administered. That’s why they’re seeking educational alternatives, such as Catholic schools, now more than ever.

Though Catholic schools serve…

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