The Grinch Who Stole Scholarships

Every Harrisburger in the ‘Burg liked education a lot…

St. Stephen’s, Bishop McDevitt, Little Learners’ for tots.

And the Grinch loved education. Oh he loved it dearly!

For his dear little children–Billy, Sally, and Mary.


For the Grinch knew the value education would bring.

Little Billy would grow up, and buy all the things.

And Sally and Mary, what about them?

Why they’d go to college; break a glass ceiling—or ten.


So the Grinch bought all the private education he could.

For the Grinch’s own children, there was nothing too good.

And one day, the other Harrisburgers asked, “what about us?”

“We love our kids too. We love them so much!”


“We see what you’re doing, and we agree!”

“Every child should choose the best school. Each family!”

“But please check the census.” “Our household income is $35 thousand.”

“We can’t access quality education, in this zip code we’re housed in.”


“For us, there’s only the government school.”

“In some places that’s good.” “But here it’s just cruel.”

“No one is safe there.” “Not the kids; not the teachers; nor teachers’ aids.”

“How can they learn, when they’re always afraid?”


Then one hopeful day, the scholarship plan arrived.

It was a school choice bill. It could save those kids’ lives!

And those Harrisburgers’ hearts filled with hope, at last!

The kids’ prayers had been answered. They would have a safe class!


There was just one more hurdle. One step yet to see.

They needed the Grinch. He had to agree!

For the Grinch was powerful. He held all the keys.

He would have to vote Yes. Yes for Harrisburg families.


No one was worried. Not even a soul.

For the Grinch was kind. Or so they’d been told.

“He visited my school!” “That Grinch really cares!”

“This plan’s a no-brainer. The Grinch will be there.”


But on that day, when it came time to vote.

The Grinch surprised all, as he called out, “NO.”

“No scholarships for your kids. The cost is too high!”

“That government school isn’t so bad. Give it just one more try!”


No one understood why the Grinch did what he did.

For they all knew he loved school choice—for his own kids.

Maybe that Grinch, wasn’t so kind after all.

Or perhaps his heart was three sizes too small.


This Christmas Season, give thanks and be glad.

For the story’s not over. It might not be bad.

The Grinch can still change. There’s still enough time.

His old heart can grow. It can be the right size.


So you must tell the Grinch–constituents One, Two, and Three.

Tell him “What’s good enough for thee, is good enough for me.”


Harrisburg School District has been failing for decades. Multiple generations of low-income students have been denied a quality education because they live in a Harrisburg City zip code. That's why the Pa. House Education Committee advanced legislation, HB 1800, sponsored by Speaker Mike Turzai, offering kids an escape. But some lawmakers oppose the legislation—even some who send their own children to private schools. Text CHOICEPA to 52886 to let your lawmaker know you support scholarships for Harrisburg kids.


# # #


Marc LeBlond is a senior policy analyst for the Commonwealth Foundation, Pennsylvania’s free market think tank.