Jill Stevens Senior Director of Marketing

Jill Stevens comes to the Commonwealth Foundation having spent the last two decades in the private sector, where she was responsible for engineering large-scale organic growth for Fortune 50 companies. Serving in executive roles in which she was responsible for strategy, business development, alliance management, marketing and communications, Jill excelled in competitive strategy and marshalling the internal and external assets needed to win. Before joining industry, Jill was an academic and taught hundreds of university students how to analyze literary texts and construct and defend cogent arguments about them, sometimes also engendering an appreciation for great literary works along the way. A native Pennsylvanian, she is delighted to join forces with Commonwealth Foundation and its allies to restore Pennsylvania to its natural position as a leader among states, one that is expert in harnessing its great diversity to expand freedom and prosperity. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Jill graduated summa cum laude from Villanova University and holds an MA and PhD from Emory University.