Jane Arnold Operations Administrator

Jane Arnold, a central Pennsylvania native, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Arts in Government and Political Theory from Regent University.

She joined Commonwealth Foundation after roles including U.S. Senate staff, Housing and Urban Development and Veteran Administration affordable housing programs. She has also worked in private and non-profit social service capacities serving and advocating for individuals with developmental and/or mental health diagnoses.

Jane values her education and experiences, crediting her passion and strength to her late mother, Tamara, who though in social and economic disadvantage gave all to improve the lives of her children. She also credits her late brother Bill, who encouraged seeking knowledge and finding humor wherever possible, emphasizing the value of critical thinking and fighting for what is right.

Through perseverance, Jane as well as her brothers became first generation college graduates. She remembers her struggle and respects the struggle of others, abiding by her moral compass even when the effort appears futile. Personal and professional experience impacts her reasoning and informs her unique perspective on the structure and implementation of social programs and policy.