Gordon Tomb Senior Fellow

Gordon Tomb is an energy writer, communications consultant and primary editor of “Inconvenient Facts: The science that Al Gore doesn’t want you to know. His clients include the natural gas and nuclear power industries and the operator of the nation's largest high-voltage transmission system.

He has spoken on behalf of the International Atomic Energy Agency on lessons of the Fukushima and Three Mile Island nuclear accidents and is a winner of the Cicero Speechwriting Awards.

As an executive in the electric utility and nuclear power industries, Gordon led communications teams in the recovery from the TMI accident, the development of an electric transmission project and the reorganization of a FORTUNE 500 company. He has worked as a newspaper reporter and columnist and as a consultant with an international management consulting firm.

He holds a bachelor's degree in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and attended Grove City College. Gordon and his wife reside in Lebanon County and have two adult children and a granddaughter.

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