Andrew Cuff Senior Writer & Researcher

Andrew Cuff grew up in Southern California, where at the age of 12 he supported Proposition 38, an early school choice ballot measure. After earning a B. A. in philosophy and history from Cal Baptist University, as well as an advanced degree in languages from UCLA, he then moved to the east coast for graduate school. During his MA and PhD at Catholic University in Washington, D.C, he was a fellow at the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Charles Koch Foundation, Human Ecology Institute, and Cosmos Club Foundation.

The atmosphere of our nation’s capital prompted Andrew’s concern for responsible policy and governance. He believes every issue must be approached historically, and thus he loves to read European and American thinkers of the past on topics like justice, leadership, and human nature. Andrew has several academic publications, and has also written popular articles for outlets such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, First Things, and The Federalist.

In his free time, Andrew enjoys taking long car trips across the American countryside with his wife and daughters, arguing vehemently about philosophy with close friends, and writing short stories.