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Pa. Senate Republicans Advance Transformative Child Learning Investment Tax Credit, Standing Up for Taxpayers and Students

Harrisburg, Pa., July 3, 2024 — Today, the Pennsylvania Senate Finance Committee passed Senate Bill (SB) 1280, the Child Learning Investment Tax Credit, by a vote of 7-4, along party lines. This pivotal legislation promises to significantly ease the financial burdens of families struggling with the rising cost of living and rampant inflation. The $8,000 tax credit, as proposed, would be for common learning expenses like tuition or tutoring, empowering taxpayers to spend their hard-earned money on their children’s future, not more bloated government programs.

Commonwealth Foundation Director of Legislative Strategy Kevin Kane issued the following statement in response:

“Here we go again, with another late budget under Gov. Josh Shapiro, the Senate Republicans are the only adults in the room. Today, they advanced a commonsense proposal to allow parents to have a say in their children’s future and taxpayers to have a say in how their money is spent. The Commonwealth Foundation commends Senate Republicans for continuously putting forth reasonable approaches to set Pennsylvania families up for success. I’m especially proud of Sen. Judy Ward, who has been tireless in her efforts to help kids get a fair shake.

“What Pennsylvania parent would rather send their money to Harrisburg than spend it on their child? No serious lawmaker or reputable organization would make that claim.

“Access to quality education is the foundation for success, yet it remains a significant financial challenge for many, especially with rising inflation and the increasing costs of living. Families should not have to choose between paying their mortgage and securing quality learning resources. The Child Learning Investment Tax Credit offers much-needed relief, enabling all parents to manage other expenses while ensuring they can invest in their children’s future.

“Just as the overwhelmingly bipartisan childcare tax credit passed last year has provided essential support to families of all income levels, SB 1280 ensures that learning cost relief is available to everyone. There is even a provision in place to help low-income families receive the credit up front so they, too, can invest in their children.

“According to the Commonwealth Foundation’s latest survey results—released just yesterday—78 percent of registered voters support expanding education tax credits in the commonwealth. In fact, Shapiro even mentioned he supports proposals like this before sheepishly backing off. The Senate’s Republican-backed Child Learning Investment Tax Credit overwhelmingly reflects the will of Pennsylvanians. We urge the governor and House Democrats to follow suit.”

View the full results from our newly released Common Ground in the Commonwealth survey, here.


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