teacher union influence

Teachers’ Unions Influence and the Politics of Education

Get ready for a riveting episode of Disunion: The Government Union Report! Host David Osborne is joined by The Daily Signal Investigative Columnist and WIBC radio host Tony Kennett for an eye-opening discussion on the powerful influence of teacher unions. Dive deep into how these unions are shaping state primaries by targeting Republican candidates and wielding their financial muscle to sway education policy.

David and Tony don’t hold back as they uncover the contradictions and limitations within teacher unions, from their controversial role in public education funding to the growing perception that they may not truly represent the voices of teachers.

The conversation takes a dynamic turn as they explore the heated political landscape surrounding school choice, unpacking the alliances and conflicts that define this critical issue. Tune in for an episode packed with insights, controversies, and a fresh perspective on the future of education in America.