Guest Post: Educational Freedom in Harrisburg

Rian Slade-Bowers' testimonial was first published by American Federation for Children.

I attended private schools all my life and it has benefited me immensely. I was educated in a diverse environment which included students from throughout Central Pennsylvania. I had the opportunity to experience different cultures, ethnic foods, and differing opinions.

Determining the most appropriate school to send a child can be challenging for the parent and child in some urban areas. Public school systems are separated by the district which gives families no say regarding where they send their kids to school. Families pay hundreds of dollars in taxpayer money to support schools that their children don’t attend. Private, charter, and technical schools should be supported by government funding as well. Having a say in your child’s education and future should be a right of all parents around the U.S.

Having a say in your child’s education and future should be a right of all parents around the U.S.

Rian Slade-Bowers

Child development starts at birth. Children are also molded and nurtured by their environment. While attending St. Stephen’s and Bishop McDevitt, I felt that they had the same or similar expectations of me as my mom would. I was taught to share, respect and love others, strive to do my best, and help when I can. As a family, we’ve made sacrifices in order to succeed at home and school.

Bishop McDevitt in Harrisburg also taught me organizational skills, time management, and to prioritize my future. Valuing the fundamentals of getting involved in high school, I continued it in college. Today I am a sophomore at Penn State Altoona. I am majoring in Global and International Studies with a minor in Business. I also plan to study Mandarin. I am involved on the Executive Boards of Black Student Union (Student Rep)., International Worship (Worship Leader), Caribbean Student Union (Student Rep.) and the President of African Student Association.

After college I plan to continue my education and pursue a Master’s Degree and perfect the Mandarin language. I plan to utilize these credentials to pursue a career in Business Consulting and travel the world.

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