Top 10 Recipients of Government Union Money

Government unions wield enormous influence in Pennsylvania politics. Since 2010, the commonwealth’s largest government unions have spent over $71 million on politics—including $26 million in political action committee (PAC) donations.

Where, exactly, did this money go?

In 2014, government unions helped to elect Governor Wolf with $4 million in PAC contributions. Indeed, since 2010, the top 10 recipients of government union PAC contributions have all been Democrats, as the chart below shows.   

This spending far surpasses other major special interests in Pennsylvania, such as the banking industry, the natural gas industry, and school choice advocates.

And only government unions use public resources to collect their political money, deducting PAC contributions and membership dues earmarked for politics using taxpayer-funded payroll systems.

No other organization or individual—including elected officials—can use public resources for political fundraising. The same should be true for government unions. This is where paycheck protection comes in.

Currently under consideration by the House, SB 166 prohibits using public payroll systems to collect money earmarked for politics.

Urge your legislator now to protect public resources from partisan politics by passing paycheck protection: