House Votes to Prevent Further Harm to the Vaping Community

Gov. Wolf and the legislature clearly erred in their attempt to raise revenue on the backs of small vape shop business owners like Dori, Chris, Scottie, and Amy. But they have an opportunity to make things right.

Today House lawmakers overwhelming passed HB 2342—legislation sponsored by Rep. Jeff Wheeland—to repeal the tax and replace it with a less punitive alternative. See the roll call vote here.

The new 40 percent excise on vapor products has been nothing short of devastating: Approximately 60 small businesses have already shut their doors. But replacing the tax would bring much needed relief to small business owners still struggling to keep their stores open.

The bill now heads to the Senate, where lawmakers will need to add session days to get it to the governor’s desk before the legislature adjourns for the year. The Senate cannot pass up this opportunity to protect Pennsylvania jobs.

Shop owners around the state have stood up against this blatant example of government overreach because of its predictable consequences. Please ask your senator and Gov. Wolf to support HB 2342 on behalf of all the people who depend on the vaping industry for a decent job and a better quality of life.