Tax Hikes Threaten Debbie’s Flower Shop

Debbie is a small business owner. She operates Pealer's Flowers with her husband in Camp Hill, and they're worried about Gov. Tom Wolf's tax hikes. Debbie explains:

“We're all doing a ton more with less people than we were eight or ten years ago. I don't think the governor understand the impact of every 50 cents or a dollar. Every one of those 50 cents or dollar can't go to the community, can't go to enriching our coworkers or increasing benefits.”

Tax increases–be they income, sales, or severance taxes–harm real people. Taking dollars out of the economy mean lost jobs, less growth, and smaller paychecks. According to an analysis using the Beacon Hill Institute's STAMP program, an estimated 30,000 jobs will not be created next year if Wolf’s plan is enacted.

Can your family afford $1425 in new taxes

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