Audio: Is Gov. Wolf Taking Hostages?

Gov. Wolf still refuses to back down from his budget demands–which include the largest tax hike in Pennsylvania’s history. Not only would this add an additional $1,425 in taxes on every family of four, but it would also cripple small, family-owned businesses.

As the budget impasse continues, CF’s Nate Benefield spoke with WNPV’s George Toth about the latest developments.

Nate explains that the hold up in negotiations is the result of Gov. Wolf’s unwillingness to compromise on his proposed tax increase and expansion of taxable goods and services. “He is still demanding his variety of tax increases…income tax increase, sales tax increase, expanding it to different services from nursing care to day care to accounting services,” Nate says.

The House Republican leadership has offered Gov. Wolf a $400 million increase in education funding in exchange for much-needed pension reform. Two weeks after this offer was made, Gov. Wolf has still not responded.

The silence from Gov. Wolf’s camp means schools and social service organizations continue to operate without crucial state funding. Nate elaborates, saying, “It seems like he’s using social service agencies and school children who are not getting any funding right now as pawns in this political debate.”

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