Teacher Defies Union Control of Charitable Donation

It’s a different day, but it’s the same story about the PSEA’s treatment of educators that religiously object to union membership. Last year, FTT told you about Chris Meier and Jane Ladley, two Pennsylvania teachers who chose to become religious objectors and have the equivalent of their fair share fee sent to a charity. The PSEA approved their religious objection, but would not approve their choice of charity. Instead of being bullied, Jane and Chris decided to file a lawsuit against the PSEA.

Well, it’s happening again – the PSEA is trying to force teachers that are not union members to support the union’s agenda. 

Linda Misja from western Pennsylvania decided that enough is enough. Linda has been a teacher for more than 35 years and was never a union member. ln 2012, when the union gained contractual authority to extract fees from non-members, Linda objected on religious grounds and opted to send her money to a pro-life charity. Her choice was rejected because the PSEA said she should send her money to a pregnancy center that counsels on ‘all options.’ Not giving in, Linda then chose the National Rifle Association Foundation, which the union rejected as too political. Her money has been sitting in escrow for three years, not reaching any of the families she wished to help.

Remember, this is Linda’s hard earned money but, the PSEA is dictating how her donation can be spent!

Now Linda is filing a lawsuit in federal court with the help of The Fairness Center. That makes two lawsuits against the PSEA for blocking charity choices by religious objectors. Legislation is pending in the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives that would give religious objectors the actual freedom to choose their charity.

Have you had a similar experience to Linda, Jane, and Chris? If so, and you would like to talk about it or receive information about your options, please don’t hesitate to contact the FTT team at [email protected].