Audio: Governor Wolf’s Big, Bad Budget

Gov. Wolf’s budget plan spends taxpayers’ money at $1,000 per second and would burden a family of four with an additional $1,419 in taxes at a time when Pennsylvanians already face one of the highest tax burdens in the nation.

CF’s President & CEO Matt Brouillette spoke with radio host Chris Stigall on WPHT’s Morning Show about the truth behind Gov. Wolf’s budget.

Matt sheds some light on the details of Wolf’s property tax rebates—which don’t go into effect until 2016-17, though tax increases would be in place for 2015-16. Beyond that, there’s nothing stopping property taxes from continuing to climb in the future.

Gov. Wolf’s tax increases, as Matt points out, also create an uninviting environment for potential business moving into Pennsylvania. His budget would ensure Pennsylvania continues to see some of the country’s lowest rates in job, income, and population growth. 

Listen for more of Matt’s insight on Gov. Wolf’s budget plan:

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