Audio: School Choice Offers New Direction to Academic Excellence

Pennsylvania’s students deserve the best education opportunities available, and the recent academic performance of York City School District—the second lowest district in the state—makes clear that we can do better than the status quo. School choice is a growing and increasingly popular solution for poorly performing schools districts like York City.

Being able to provide these students with the best educational service is crucial for the future of Pennsylvania, so why leave students trapped in underperforming school districts?

James Paul, a CF senior policy analyst, recently spoke with WURD radio 900AM host Stephanie Renée about how expanding school choice offers parents and students a new direction to academic excellence.

There is already evidence of charter schools being able to outperform and be more efficient than their school district counterparts. Adding alternate educational providers, such as charter schools, provides needed choice for families who want the best for their children.

Listen below to hear James explain how we can improve the academic performance, as well as the financial situation, in school districts throughout Pennsylvania.

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