Disappointed and Determined

Today, I am both disappointed and determined.

I am disappointed that it is now a mathematical impossibility for any of the reforms you and countless other Pennsylvanians have demanded to reach Governor Corbett’s desk before he leaves office.  That includes not just paycheck protection, but also pension reform, liquor privatization, broader school choice, the Taxpayer Protection Act, and any number of long-overdue, common-sense policy priorities.  As you well know, CF has been making the case aggressively for these changes not just throughout the current administration, but since our founding in 1988.

I am also determined, because I believe with all my heart that our battle is not ending—it is only beginning.  When I moved to Pennsylvania 13 years ago, these ideas were laughed out of the room in our State Capitol.  Even two years ago, when CF took it upon itself to educate our state about the importance of ending the taxpayer collection of union political money, we were ridiculed by people who were supposed to be our friends.  Today, these issues are at the forefront of the debate, because we have gone on offense against the root of bad policy—namely the unfair political and financial advantages enjoyed by the most powerful advocates of big government.

Those forces marshal $175 million per year that we, the taxpayers, collect for them.  We haven’t beaten them just yet.  But I am totally convinced that if we stay on offense, we will!

I’m reminded of a quote that is frequently attributed to Gandhi: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Keep fighting!