How PFT Fails Phila. Students & Teachers Revealed at Union Rally Tomorrow

PFT’s Failings Highlighted at Union Rally Tomorrow

Union Leaders Playing Politics with Children’s Futures

At tomorrow’s union rally in Philadelphia, Commonwealth Foundation will be distributing informational fliers to inform teachers and the public about how leadership of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers is failing teachers and students and standing in the way of tens of millions of dollars getting to classrooms.

“PFT leadership has been irresponsibly playing politics with kids’ educations and teachers’ careers for years,” commented Matthew Brouillette, president and CEO of the Commonwealth Foundation and former high school teacher. “We are exposing how PFT leadership is fighting for their own interests and passing the buck on to state and city taxpayers, while leaving teachers and students in violent and failing schools.”

An informational website will also be launched tomorrow, cataloging how PFT leadership has failed students, teachers, and the City of Philadelphia.

Matthew Brouillette and other Commonwealth Foundation staff will be on site at the PFT rally to answer questions.

Please contact us at 717-671-1901 for more information or to schedule an interview.


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