Paycheck Protection Update

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at the Capitol and the entire CF team has been working around the clock to make Paycheck Protection a reality in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen this week. But our fight is far from over!

In just about a year and a half, Paycheck Protection went from an unknown, to a “fringe issue,” to a nuisance, and then to a major policy priority on the table during budget negotiations. It is because of legislative champions, supporters, allies, grassroots activists, public school teachers and everyday taxpayers who have stepped up and made this a critical issue!

We’re disappointed that we haven’t yet ended this injustice of using taxpayer money to subsidize someone else’s politics. But if you think taxpayers haven’t made a difference, consider this: The legislature passed a new state budget with no new taxes and spending in line with inflation and population growth.

More people understand why pension reform, liquor privatization, property tax relief, and many other taxpayer-friendly issues haven’t been resolved—because the taxpayers have to collect the money that is used to fight against these reforms.

Rest assured that we are pressing onward! The pressure to get victories for our kids, grandkids, and taxpayers across Pennsylvania will only grow through the summer and fall.

Our entire team at CF thanks you—our readers and supporters—for standing strong and making your voice heard as we continue to fight for freedom.